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EnVISIONing the Best You!

"A vision without action is merely a dream."

By definition, a dream or vision board is "a collage of images, pictures and affirmations of one's dreams and desires, designed to serve as a source of inspiration and motivation, and to use the law of attraction to attain goals."

Over the last few years, many companies, especially those in the network marketing sector, have taken to encouraging employees and staff to create dream boards as a way to encourage productivity. With the advent of smart devices, we have become a more visual species and therefore tend to react better to seeing something on paper rather than in our minds (i.e., why your college professors were always encouraging you to highlight textbooks and take notes during class!).

While there's no "set" format for creating a vision board, many folks choose to rely on magazine tear-outs or photos pasted to a poster to bring their dreams and goals to life. Still others may keep a journal or leave Post-It Notes lying around with their thoughts written out.

In most cases, many of us will react best to having a set goal in mind with a distinct reward attached to it. For example, "I will plan a vacation once I sign two more clients" or I will buy a house once I have $(X) in savings."

If you are currently using a vision board, do you find it beneficial to keep you on target with your goals and dreams? Do you encourage the people who work with and for you to make them? What are some of the items you have included on your board? What type of format do you use?

If you are not currently utilizing a vision board and are interested in starting one, here are some helpful tips:

-What are your goals (needs, wants, values)?

-How would you like to display your board?

As we stated above, this can be done on a poster board that you can see on the reg (near your desk), with Post-It Notes placed in strategic locations or in a journal you access daily.

-What words resonate most with your plan and goals (joy, relaxation, self care, etc.)?

-What type of images do you react most positively to? Magazine pictures? Sketches you do yourself? Photos of family & friends?

Once you have gathered together all of your supplies and ideas, you can work towards creating a collage, making your list or writing out your intentions so they can be displayed in an area most meaningful to you and your day.

Then check in and let us know how your board has impacted your daily productivity and gotten you closer to achieving your dreams!

Happy enVISIONing!


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