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Let's Rewrite the Rules

Are you a rule follower? A rule breaker? Or do you make them up as you go? The advent of digital media, with its constantly evolving aspects, has forced us all to rewrite the rules of traditional marketing and advertising. The industry is more fast-paced than ever and new trends are introduced to us daily. It can almost be overwhelming to keep up with!

But evolution leads to diversity and diversity is good for business. It's important that as advertisers and business owners, we view diversity as a strength, not as a weakness. It allows us to look for unique ways to stand out against our competitors, while developing the most effective ways to promote our messages and products. "Cookie cutter" can help us form a foundation, but it's not an approach that has ever worked long-term for anyone. With the fast-paced changes of today's market, being repetitive and stagnant in your advertising will eventually become noticeable by your publics. Just because something has been done a certain way before, doesn't mean that approach is still relevant or still works in today's market. That could even mean how you did something as soon as yesterday! It's more important than ever that your company's or brand's advertising campaign changes with the times.

The beauty of social and digital media is that your company has the opportunity to message and brand on your terms. You can allow your "voice" to be heard in a targeted fashion, which reaches the exact people you need it to, unlike more conventional marketing methods like radio and television. Now, that's not to say those methods don't have their strengths-we'll save that for another blog post-but I often compare traditional media to throwing spaghetti to a wall and seeing if it sticks. With digital media, you have the opportunity to pinpoint your target market right down to their age, likes, dislikes, zip code, online searches and more. But remember: your messaging can make or break you! But that's enough for today. We'll tackle that in my next blog post.

Until then, happy advertising!


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