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Hello! Welcome inside The Ladies' Room. It's good to meet you.

Updated: Nov 3, 2018

This blog is born of the word "no." You may think that's a negative way to begin my very first post, but I have always attempted to use words like "no," "can't," "won't," as motivation to do the very opposite. Call it my stubborn personality. Call it not allowing others to control my destiny. "Don't let anyone tell you're too young to accomplish something-a baby shark is still a shark." You'll learn I love a good quote. Inspirational, humorous or otherwise.

The name, the theme, the goal of this blog was born over a decade ago when I still worked in radio and was constantly looking for additional ways to outsource all of the

creativity bubbling up inside of me. I wanted to reach people, especially women, and I was sure this was the way. Podcasts were in their infancy and since our airwaves were already full across the board, one of my favorite sayings came to mind-"You say 'why?' I say 'why not?'" So I did the things. All of the things-I developed a rough logo, recorded liners, laid out plans for future shows, recorded a demo. Only to have my enthusiasm struck down with that pesky little word at the beginning of this blog. Fortunately, I'm not one to sit down too long. In this case, I wasn't sure at the time how I would ever make this idea come to life, but I held on to the original proposal-a copy is still in my desk-and a copy of the original demo is collecting dust somewhere in my house. Somewhere inside I knew I would be able to make my ideas come to life, even if not in the original format I dreamed up.

So here it is. Welcome to "The Ladies' Room." A lifestyle blog aimed at women and all of the things we encounter, dream, believe, struggle with, laugh about and enjoy daily. If you follow me on social media, you'll find one of my favorite things in life is humor. I love sarcasm, a good joke and funny stories that can be told over and over. I also love books, traveling, good vibes and a new recipe. Oh and wine. Did I mention wine? These things and more, my friends, is what The Ladies' Room will be all about. You'll find that I'm far from fancy and on my favorite day I'll be running my errands in workout gear and a baseball hat. I often end sentences in a preposition even though I learned in the sixth grade that is clearly grammatically incorrect. I rely on coffee to start my days and a hot bath to end them.

But I don't want our flaws to be the focus here. I want them to be a source of empowerment and inspiration. Much like Planet Fitness, I want this to be a "judgement-free zone." I hope as much as this is an outlet for me, it's a source of humor and information for you. And I want everyone who enters to "treat each other like we do when we're drunk in the girls' bathroom. Because then the world would be a much happier place." Once again, welcome to "The Ladies' Room."

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